DK Beauty is an import company which imports the brand Pañpuri, Pañpuri and Nordic Amber.

DK Beauty is owned by Gitte Bøgelund Johansen, who started the company in Denmark in 2006. The Company has since then

expanded to achieving its place in leading spas, hotels, & stores throughout Denmark.


Pañpuri is a luxurious skin care brand which consists of a first-class spa and skincare products which ranges from spas, hotel rooms and leading perfumeries and department stores.

Pañpuri invites you into a world of wonderful secrets of Eastern herbs. Top-to-toe pampering and holistic wellness through the purest natural herbs from the East added a healing philosophy, dynamic sensuality and spiritual care. They have created a unique range of spa-inspired products and personal care products that offer:

  • No added perfume or colorings
  • No parabens or silicone
  • Natural ingredients packaged in environmentally friendly packaging.
  • The tags are suitable for both men and women.

Puri Alchemy:

Puri Alchemy Company Limited is one of Thailand's leading manufacturers of luxury spa products and aromatherapy.

We design unique skin, body and hair products ideal for your needs and your targeted customer base, from the formal development and packaging choice to merchandising and branding.

Additionally, we offer a complete solution for exclusive natural spa and luxurious hotel products with a tailored and professional product line, based on a broad array of eastern natural botanical ingredients designed for your specific needs.

Private labling:

  • Develop luxurious skin care products and aromatic scents, as example aroma candles.

  • Develop skin care lines in close collaboration with leading experts.

  • Private labling from Puri Alchemys own prescriptions.

  • A wide range of natural first-class Spa products

For more information on Private labling contact

A whole new Spa- and skin care line build with the sea and its fantastic properties, including effective herbs and plants.

"Nordic Amber" is easy to use, the consistency turns the regular skin care into enjoyment

The series is developed for Spa treatments, and for regular use at home, depending on the use of the products.

Amber is the key ingredient, which after a complicated process is added to the products, which gives the products effective antioxidants, which helps the skin retain its youth.

"Nordic Amber" is organic based and the series contains 8 healthy products.                          8920 Randers NV                          TLF: 28 18 28 95                         FAX: 87 11 51 52