Our journey began with a faith, a faith in the power of nature that has long been respected by our ancestors for over 5,000 years, ancestors who understood that the body, the soul and our environment are intricately entwined. We watched as our grandparents paid homage to nature by treating themselves with ancient Eastern herbs, flower oils, crushed roots, and other age-old natural healing methods passed down from generation to generation. It is our desire here at Pañpuri to revive the belief our ancestors had in the healing and mystical powers of nature, powers that are deeply ingrained in ancient Eastern philosophy, a philosophy which recognizes physical, mental and spiritual well-being as interdependent.

The Meaning of Pañpuri

Pañña means wisdom while Puri a palace, and a holy site of pilgrimage. In some eastern languages Puri also has the connotations of untying what has been tied and of making the unknown known, suggesting solution. Pañpuri then represents a place where we awaken to the perfect balance and harmony between our inner and outer selves and our environment.


Like our ancestors, we believe the well-being of our body is directly affected by the well-being of our soul and our surroundings. We believe true beauty is more than skin-deep and comes from deep within the body and the soul. We can achieve holistic well-being if we speak to our soul and share our joy and compassion with those around us – only then will our body listen and shine.

We also believe that our senses are a gateway to our souls. One of the best ways to speak to our souls is by caring for our senses with purity, by avoiding toxic situations, states of mind, people and substances.


We want to bring you the wondrous secrets of Eastern herbs passed down to us and so we have created an exceptional spa-inspired toiletries and personal care range which offers:

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