We welcome you to Pañpuri's amazing fragrance universe..

With the fragranced candles, room sprays and luxurious diffusers we invite you into a world of aroma therapy, which offers something for everyone, from the refreshing scents to the calm flowers. All fragrance products are produced naturally ​​with pure essential oils.

Home Ambiance is available in Denmark in the three following scents:


Consists of citrus fruits, which is refreshing and energizing. Indochine includes Indian Lemon Grass, blooming green mandarin and spearmint. The sensational top notes fused with spicy floral and lavender with a subtle undertone of Sandel Wood which results in an invigorating and refreshing scent.

Siamese Water:

Pañpuris signature fragrance takes you back to the old "Water festivals" in the Siam Kingdom. This special blend contains honey-colored jasmine, Ylang Ylang's white petals and a light, fresh hint of Thai mint. Siamese Water spreads a soothing, sensual and luxurious aroma.

Grand Manchou:

The orange line consists of fresh notes of spice and citrus. Grape fruit, eucalyptus and Rosewood produces a scent of deep elegance and provides a smell of fruits and flowers.

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